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Guided Tour Packages​
4 Days - 3 Nights
  • 2pm guided Deer/ Lang caves tour
  • 5.30pm bats watching
  • 7.30pm Dinner
  • Sleep Mulu Village
  • 7.30 am Breakfast
  • 8.30am Boat ride to guided tour Wind/Clearwater caves
  • 12pm packed lunch
  • 1pm continue boat to K Litut drop off point.
  • Guided 9km hike to camp 5
  • 5pm checkin at camp 5
  • 6.30pm dinner
  • 9pm sleep camp 5
  • 5.30am breakfast
  • 6am guided pinnacles hike with packed lunch (about 6-8 hrs)
  • 2.30pm back to camp 5
  • 6.30pm dinner
  • 9pm sleep camp 5
  • 7am breakfast
  • 8am trek 9km to boat pickup point
  • 11am boat ride back to Mulu with packed lunch.
  • End tour
Whats included
  • Airport Transfer
  • Entry fee
  • Accomodation for 3 Nights
Whats not included
  • x
  • x
Whats to know
  • Bring Hiking shoes, gear incl. Raincoat
  • Bring Insect Repellent
2 Days
  • 2pm guided tour to Lang/Deer caves tour.
  • 5.30pm self guided bats watching
  • 7pm Accomodations transfer
  • 8.30am boat trip and guided tour to Batu Bungan, Wind and Clearwater caves.
  • 11.30 swimming in the jungle pool
  • 12pm picnic lunch
  • 12.45pm boat to park HQ.
  • End of Tour
Whats included
  • Airport transfer
  • Park transfer for registration and entry fee
Whats not included
  • tickets, accommodations, insurance and tips.
  • Accomodation
Long Iman Village & Waterfall
  • 1pm: 30 min boat ride to Long Iman and the 32 doors long house
  • 2pm: trek 1 hour to Ba’lecai waterfall
  • 5pm: dinner with Long Iman residents
  • 6pm: sunset cruise back to Mulu
Whats included
  • Airport transfer
Whats not included
  • Accomodation
Mulu Village


Geothermal Hotspring

Hot springs have long been respected as a source of healing and regeneration. The advantages include stress reduction, skin healing, increased blood circulation, comfortable sleep, pain alleviation, and so on. The hot spring is solely known to the locals, and Mulu village is just minutes of walk away.

Mulu View Point

​Mulu Village's lone vantage point is only a 2-minute walk away. The trek to the summit of the peak takes around 15 minutes and provides a spectacular view of the Mulu mountains and river. A one-of-a-kind arrangement for a delightful sunrise breakfast.

Mulu Nationalpark Official Guide

Tour Guide & Local Expert Brenda

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